Attorney At Law Rok Pleterski

Attorney At Law

Rok Pleterski 

Lawyer Rok Pleterski is an experienced legal advisor and representative for both domestic and foreign clients.

As a skilled legal expert in corporate law, with a deep understanding of technology, he ensures business compliance with legal requirements. When collaborating with innovative companies, the attorney strives to ensure that the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) complies with regulations related to data protection, consumer protection, and other industry-specific laws. He ensures that companies maintain the highest standards of privacy while effectively conducting their business activities. He provides comprehensive legal support to clients in preparing, reviewing, and aligning legal documents, internal policies, and data protection procedures, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

Attorney Rok Pleterski regularly advises clients in administrative law, contract law, and intellectual property law. His expertise also extends to legal services related to mining and aviation activities. For foreign clients, he offers legal guidance and assistance in establishing and registering companies or branches in Slovenia, including market research, business plans, compliance with legal regulations, letters of intent, and NDAs.

In the field of information technology law (IT law), lawyer Rok Pleterski addresses legal issues related to technology, including data protection, e-commerce, intellectual property in the digital environment, software contracts, and online law. Additionally, he advises clients on cryptocurrency and blockchain law, especially in matters concerning regulation, taxes, consumer protection, and data privacy.

Attorney Rok Pleterski also represents both domestic and foreign clients in court proceedings. Moreover, he offers advice on arbitration law and serves as an arbitrator in various forms of arbitration, particularly in domestic, European, and international construction disputes, trade, and investments.

For legal advice and representation of domestic and foreign clients, he is proficient in Slovenian, English, Croatian, and Serbian languages, and is also skilled in German.



Telephone: + 386 1 320 57 50


Academic and other publications:

Professional Exams:

  • State Bar Exam (PDI)
  • Professional Exam in Administrative Procedure (ZUP)




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