The Role of a Lawyer in the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Businesses

Imagine a global company in the manufacturing industry using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate its production line. With the help of AI, they can monitor real-time production, predict maintenance on machines, and optimize manufacturing processes to increase efficiency. Our lawyers collaborate with innovative companies to ensure compliance with local and international regulations and provide appropriate legal protection for intellectual property related to their AI technologies.

Legal issues in the implementation of AI in a business environment.

While AI brings numerous benefits, efficiency, and a competitive edge, it also raises various legal challenges. Our legal experts assist innovative companies in ensuring that the process of AI implementation and usage complies with data protection, consumer protection, and other industry-specific laws. Lawyers can also aid in crafting privacy and data protection policies and review all agreements and licenses related to AI usage. In this way, lawyers facilitate a successful and legally compliant integration of AI into the business while helping manage potential legal risks that may arise in the process.

In the following passage, we present key guidelines and advice for innovative companies already using artificial intelligence (AI) in their operations. The rapid evolution of technology presents new opportunities, but it also introduces legal challenges that must be understood. Lawyers can provide legal guidance to companies for the effective implementation and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in a business environment.

Companies developing their AI systems or using AI for new product development must recognize the importance of protecting their intellectual property. This includes patenting new inventions and ensuring the appropriate protection of copyrights for algorithms, programs, and machine learning models. Companies that develop innovative AI systems work with lawyers to patent and safeguard intellectual property rights effectively.

Lawyers and Privacy and Data Protection Issues

Data collection and processing are crucial for the efficient operation of AI. Our lawyer provides innovative companies with compliance with privacy and data protection legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They also ensure the adequacy of the content in agreements and licenses related to the introduction and use of artificial intelligence (AI). Companies must manage data carefully and obtain user consent when collecting personal data.

Fairness and Diversity in AI

AI systems can be subject to bias. The Partnership on AI (PAI) brings together academic institutions, civil society, industry, and media organizations to create solutions that enable artificial intelligence (AI) to contribute to positive outcomes for people and society. PAI develops tools, recommendations, and other resources based on insights from a wide community in the field of artificial intelligence to shape actions in practice, and public policy, and improve public understanding. Through dialogue, research, and education, PAI addresses critical issues related to the future of artificial intelligence. Companies must follow guidelines to ensure fairness and mitigate bias in their AI applications.

Compliance with Legal Frameworks

Different countries have varying legal frameworks for regulating AI. Companies operating globally must be aware of local laws and global regulations related to AI usage. Legal counsel is crucial for ensuring compliance. When operating on a global scale, companies need to collaborate with lawyers who understand diverse legal frameworks in different countries or have established contacts with legal experts abroad to help ensure compliance with local laws.

Legal Guidance

Artificial intelligence has changed how companies operate and introduce innovations in their business. With these changes come legal challenges that need to be addressed. Innovative companies must work with legal experts who can help them understand and resolve legal issues related to AI usage. This way, they can maintain a competitive advantage while upholding the legality of their business operations. In our Law Firm Pleterski Puharič, we are pleased to collaborate with innovative companies and assist them in understanding and addressing legal challenges that arise in the context of AI.

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