Lawyers and the Digital World: Social Networks and Digital Media

Lawyers are Keeping an Eye on GDPR Compliance

Social media, which includes well-known platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and others, have become an essential part of modern digital society. However, this development doesn't just bring new ways to communicate and stay connected; it also comes with various legal issues that legal experts have to deal with.

Lawyers play a crucial role in resolving these challenges, as they need to follow rules and ensure that rights are protected in the fast-paced digital environment. In this article, we'll explore some important legal aspects related to social media and digital media and see how attorneys are vital in handling these issues.


Protecting Privacy and Personal Data

One of the major legal challenges when using social media is safeguarding privacy and personal data. In this aspect, GDPR attorneys are key in advising clients on following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They help clients review and prepare internal policies and agreements to make sure user data is handled correctly. This ensures that users' privacy rights are respected, and personal data is processed according to the law. Important organizations in this area include the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) and the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).


Protecting Minors' Privacy: Ensuring Legal Protection

With more young people using social media, there's a concern about safeguarding the privacy of underage users. Legal experts play a crucial role in advising on how to respect the rights of minors. This involves dealing with challenges like sharing pictures and videos without proper permission. Lawyer dr. Nina Pleterski Puharič contributed to this discussion through her research article on "Children's Digital Footprint and Parents' Liability". The EDPB also deals with these issues, showing the importance of legal protection for young users.


Protecting Intellectual Property: How Lawyers Help on Social Media

As content spreads on social media, questions arise about protecting intellectual property and copyrights. Lawyers offer advice to clients on how to protect their ideas and creations online. Registering intellectual property with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is a significant step in legally preventing unauthorized use and copying of content.


Conclusion: Lawyers in the Digital Age

Lawyers can assist clients in addressing legal challenges related to social media and digital media by providing legal advice and guidance. When addressing these challenges, it is advisable to rely on guidelines and professional directions from organizations such as EDPB and EDPS. Additionally, they can stay informed through analysis and data provided by the European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO), EDRi, and ENISA. This enables gathering relevant information for better understanding and resolving privacy and personal data protection issues on social media platforms.



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