GDPR and personal data protection

Professional Legal Support for Data Protection (GDPR)

Lawyers at our Law Firm are dedicated to providing legal advisory services in data protection and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our expertise enables clients to focus on their business activities confidently, while we attend to all legal aspects of data protection.


Adapting Internal Acts and Contracts by GDPR

Our lawyers, with experience both domestically and internationally, offer expert legal support to local and foreign business entities. They prepare, review, and align internal policies and contracts by the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our attorneys ensure our clients are prepared for the challenges of the digital era and can seamlessly meet data protection demands.


Lawyers offer Expert Legal Support for Businesses

Simultaneously, Lawyer Rok Pleterski Puharič advocates a comprehensive approach to data protection. Leveraging extensive expertise and experience, he conducts training sessions on data protection for clients. This empowers clients to comprehend and maintain compliance in their operations in alignment with regulations. Our lawyers provide innovative companies with all the necessary support in shaping privacy and data security rules and verifying all agreements and licenses related to the implementation and use of artificial intelligence (AI).


Comprehensive Legal Solutions for Your Business

Our commitment extends beyond mere legal advisory; our lawyers offer a holistic legal solution that enables our clients to uphold the trust of their customers and business partners while avoiding potential legal challenges.




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