Pleterski Puharič law firm provides its domestic and foreign clients with comprehensive support, professional legal advice and representation in the field of arbitration and mediation.

The advantages of a decision to settle the dispute through an arbitration proceeding are, in particular, the fact that arbitration is often more cost-effective for parties, arbitration proceeding is usually confidential, less formal, private and faster than litigation. Arbitrators are chosen by parties themselves and are usually recognized experts in the field of a specific dispute.

Arbitration is roughly classified as:

  • ad hoc arbitration
  • institutional arbitration.

The advantage of a possible decision to settle the dispute through mediation is, in particular, that the parties can simultaneously resolve various issues at stake. At the same time the parties have control over the entire process of mediation and are able to influence the outcome of the mediation process. Upon completion of the mediation proceeding, the settlement of the dispute is written in a form of a court settlement or in a form of a directly enforceable notarial deed, which are both instruments permitting enforcement. After the mediation proceeding, the parties are usually also in better mutual relations (as after the court proceeding). Mediation is recommended primarily in family-law disputes and in all those disputes, where the parties wish to contribute jointly to the most successful resolution of the dispute in question.


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Arbitration and mediation

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